Previous Lab Members

Alejandra Almarales

Alejandra Almarales joined the ReACT lab through the an undergraduate scholarship program in summer 2019 under the supervision of Dr. Rachel Langevin. Alejandra’s undergraduate research looked at affiliation and the way that people seek support from close others in stressful and traumatic situations. She wishes to later study the long-term consequences of inadequate parental attachment in young children. 

Ruo Feng

Ruo completed her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Psychology with a minor in Computer Science at McGill University. She joined the ReACT Lab in Summer 2020 through an undergraduate research scholarship. She is passionate about mental health advocacy and in the intersection between clinical, social and cultural psychology. After her BA, she plans on pursuing graduate studies in clinical or counselling psychology, with a focus on the sociocultural factors surrounding migration, mental health stigma and trauma.

Naz Alpdogan

Naz took a gap year after getting her Bachelor of Arts in Honors Psychology at McGill University. She joined the ReACT Lab in Winter 2022 until Spring 2023 as a volunteer research assistant. She contributed to the dissemination activities. She plans on pursuing her graduate studies in clinical psychology.

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