Research Assistants and Volunteers

Aimée Wallace

Aimée recently completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology at McGill University with minors in Behavioural Science and Education. She is now in the process of completing her Masters in Sexology at UQAM. Her research focuses on the risk factors associated with cyber-victimization in the dating relationships of sexually abused teenage girls. She plans to pursue a Doctorate of Psychology with a focus on sexual abuse intervention and prevention.

Marie-Emma Gagné

Marie-Emma completed her B.A. Honours in psychology at Concordia University and is now pursuing her M.A. in counselling psychology at McGill University. Her research interests are varied, but having worked with disadvantaged, vulnerable adolescents, she has developed a strong interest for trauma-related disorders and the intergenerational transfer of risk. She is looking forward to helping develop research projects in the ReACT Lab, and becoming more insightful about how to help individuals who are trying to overcome adversity.

Ruo Feng

Ruo is an U4 student at McGill University, completing a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Psychology with a minor in Computer Science. She joined the ReACT Lab in Summer 2020 through an undergraduate research scholarship. She is passionate about mental health advocacy and in the intersection between clinical, social and cultural psychology. After her BA, she plans on pursuing graduate studies in clinical or counselling psychology, with a focus on the sociocultural factors surrounding migration, mental health stigma and trauma.

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